Martin’s Reef Lighthouse


Photo By Wayne Sapulski

Les Cheneaux Island Tours

Island Tours
6 person maximum
Base Rate
3 hr. 1-4 $300
additional persons add $50 per person

Our island tour begins in Hessel Bay, at the Hessel Marina. This is the location of the famous Les Cheneaux (pronounced Lay-she-no) Antique Wooden Boat Show. Across from the marina, you will see Mertaugh Boat Works, the very first Chris Craft dealership in the United States. We cross Hessel Bay intoIMG_0886

Snows Channel, and past Dollar Island. We cross Musky Bay into Cedarville Channel.On your left, you will see Viking Boat Harbor. Directly ahead, is the town of Cedarville. Crossing Cedarville Bay, you will see Government Island, which is part of the Hiawatha National Forest. Looking southeast, you see Lake Huron and Boot Island. Touring around #8 Island and Coryell Island, you can see Bear Island in the distance. The tour continues around Strongs Island, which is owned by one of the original founders of the 4 Winns boat company.

Looking across McKay Bay, you can see the Michigan Lime Stone loading dock. From here, we head southeast past Crow Island, and out into Lake Huron, exiting Les Cheneaux Islands from the East Entrance. In the distance, about five miles off shore, you can see Martins’ Reef Lighthouse.

Photo by  Kevin Smith, courtesy Les Cheneaux Islands Chamber

Photo by Kevin Smith, courtesy Les Cheneaux Islands Chamber
Dollar Island, the second most photographed island in the country.

Turning back towards the northwest, we pass Government Island and soon you can see the Middle Entrance and Goose Island. Continuing northwest, we will approach the West Entrance to Les Cheneaux Islands. We enter back into the islands where we will pass Birch Island, and Long Island. At the end of this island, you will see a block house that dates back to the late 1800’s. Going past Haven Island, we will return to the Hessel Marina.